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Training & Development

We attach importance to talent training, build a perfect training system, concerned about the growth of every staff, and hope that all staff grow together with the company.

1.    Induction Training

We prepare perfect induction training for every new employee that employees can understand the companys history, corporate culture, rules and regulations, daily norms, job responsibilities, daily work processes and requirements, which can help employees quickly adapt to the companys work atmosphere and culture.

2.    Daily training

We will provide staff with working methods and skills training from time to time to help them improve their working ability according to their needs.

3.    External training

We will reserve special training funds every year to encourage and increase the opportunities for staff to go outside training, and strive to create the best learning platform and opportunities.

4.    Industry exchange

According to the characteristics of every post, we arrange and encourage staff to actively participate in various trade fairs, forum activities and technical exchanges, so that staff can fully attract outstanding industry experience, and always remain competitive in the fierce competition industry.

5.    Management training

According to the quality requirements of different level manager, we will comprehensively evaluate the needs of manager and external environmental needs, then arrange special training for the manager and technical personnel to help the managers grow quickly.