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Talent Concept

Morality first, Best use of talents, Position lies on ability

Morality first: Morality first, ability second is the employment standard. Morality but Inability, morality can use; Morality and ability should reuse; Ability but without morality, ability is difficult to use.

Meanings of Kaihong morality: First, good personal morality and responsibility ethics, correct view of life and value. Second, recognize the company’s culture and philosophy, loyal to Kaihong undertaking and self-discipline.

Best use of talents: Respect for human values, advocating everyone is a talent, use talent not sticking to formalities. According to the characteristics of every employee, their abilities and talents will be placed in the most appropriate position, take advantage of workers to the most suitable work, the sage in its place, even in the post, the security of its position, weaknesses, only the best.

Position lies on ability: In the spirit of “Person-Post Matching” principle, let people who want to do things have the opportunity to do and who can do things have a stage, make people who done things have the status and salary. Each position is an important part of company, no distinction, and all have irreplaceable value of company. We provide platform and space for development. Employees should love their jobs, fully play the talent, continued innovate, enhance the position value to achieve common grow of enterprise value and employee value.