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Pursue natural taste, explore, pursue excellence, create the beautiful fragrance and taste enjoyment.

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台湾"中央社"消息,一项台湾研究显示,每周摄取5次以上蔬果者4年后认知退化率降低23%,生活作息正常有助于预防记忆退化。 亚洲大学健康产业管理学系教授蔡仲弘分析《台湾中老年身心社会生活状况长期追踪调查》,探讨蔬果摄取频率与认知功能退化的关联性。

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  focus on research and development, production and sales of four categories of sweet flavor, natural reaction and food ingredients, which are widely used in the food industries such as dairy, beverage, confectionery, bakery, ice cream, Areca and roasted seeds, and so on.