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2017-03-17 00:00:00

1.    Service

We provide not only products and services, but to establish a long-term partnership with customers and to achieve a win-win situation around the common cooperation goal.

A.   Strictly enforce the laws and regulations

We strictly enforce the requirements of GB2760 and other food safety regulations to do purchasing of materials, develop the products and do production. We not only establish a “Raw Material” Database to ensure the safety of products by information tools, but also set up a “Product Standard” database to ensure that the use scope and content of products developed for customers are in line of the relevant laws and regulations of food industry standard.

B.   Solutions and Recommendations

We not only provide flavor technology solutions, but also help customers optimize product formulations and costs, analysis and improve the product process, solve the problems in the product development and production process, and provide the best solution.

C.   Innovation and Creation

We advocate and encourage all employees to innovate actively, collect ideas and suggestion in every aspects such as market trends, product innovation, technological innovation, process technology, etc., to capture the market trend in the future and find out the best flavor technology and application technology, in order to meet the changing needs of customers and market.



In order to cope with the unpredictable market changes and unique and diverse product demand, Guiding by the market, we cooperate with customers from the beginning of market analysis and product innovation, and develop product pointedly to ensure the final product program practical sexuality and adaptability, to maximize the value of the product.

R&D Center has established a comprehensive food industry application laboratories such as Beverage, Dairy, Ice, Candy, Bakery, Areca, Roasted seeds, etc., and each industry are equipped with experienced engineers, they are familiar with the application technology and skilled use of flavor technology to meet the product demand of flavor, taste, process and others to enhance the value of customer’s products.