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       365 days quality assurance
       Good products and good service
       Food safety is related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. Kaihong deeply understands that quality is the fundamental to survive the market changes, and always adhere to a quality oriented approach to provide safety and healthy products to its customers.

       1. Grab from the source

Strictly enforce the requirements of food safety regulations, the selection and use of all raw materials unconditionally adhere to the GB2760 standards, to ensure the safety of product from the source control.

Follow the food safety-related laws and regulations, through the method of raw materials registered to establish a “Raw Material and Product Standard” database by information tools, both to ensure the raw material use to R&D and production meet the food safety standards, but also to ensure that the use scope and content are in line of the relevant laws and regulations of food industry standard.

       2. Comprehensive food safety management system (FSSC22000)

Not only the combination of ISO22000 and HACCP system requirements, but also strengthen the operational prerequisite program management throughout the food chain. It carry out a full range of all aspects of food safety management from supplier management, incoming inspection, research and design, process control, warehouse management, shipping management and customer service,etc.

      3Advanced precision testing instruments

Quality inspection center is equipped with a large number of advanced precision testing instruments, such as gas chromatograph (GC), temperament spectrometry (GC-MS), automatic density detector, automatic refraction detector, potentiometric titrator, etc., to test and analysis several food safety indicators for the raw material, semi-finished products and finished products.