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Natural Products introduction

  Consumer continued to pay attention to food safety, for the products which closely contact with nature are often thought to be healthy, this kind of product is more favored by consumers, so how to better show natural products has become a common goal for manufacturers.

   In order to meet the growing consumer demand, we have a strategic layout in this area many years ago and established a Biotechnology Center, develop variety of natural flavor, natural extracts and other food flavor and functional food ingredients through number of international advanced technologies, such as natural extraction, bio-enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation technology, etc.

   Through years of development and efforts, we successively developed a series of natural products, such as chrysanthemum extract, dried tangerine peel extract, ginger extract, red dates extract, black sugar reactants, brown sugar distillate, yogurt powder, cheese powder, Soybean peptide cream, peptide powder and so on.

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